Color’ado Meeting Point

Color’ado meeting point

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  • •    Not a day without Multisports!
    Color’ado® all-weather multisports areas are conducive to sport and physical activity in all seasons.
    •    With all the benefits of outdoor equipment and none of the drawbacks, Color’ado® city stadiums and their special roofs make rainy days less gloomy and sunlight more enjoyable.
    •    Total quality at all times: the translucent roof provides natural lighting and ventilation
    •    A splendid exclusive design with gentle rounded shapes. Perfect integration in all environments.
    •    A modular and open-ended concept makes the all-weather Multisports system suitable for virtually all sites, environments and budgets.

    It can even be installed in several stages, such as, for example:
               •  Year 1: installation of Multisports area
               •  Year 2: installation of roof
               •  Year 3: additional equipment: Color’ado® Meeting Point, Fitness etc.

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